Pargol Hashemnia

September 22, 2009

The Story of Me…

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The name I was given is Pargol Hashemnia, and I come from a land of great beauty, charm, and history. My country is appreciated for its rich culture, prosperous past, and intellectual tradition. My motherland goes by the name of Iran.                          

I was born into a family of five. I have an identical twin sister and another sister born six years before me. We are a close family unit with a shared passion for the world of Arts and cinema. 

I have lived in this world for twenty-two years, one month, and twenty-five days. The early days of my life coincided with an eight-year long war between Iran and Iraq. I grew up in an environment where running for shelter was a daily occurrence. There were times that we would spend nights huddled together in a dark underground shelter. 

From the day I opened my eyes in this world I have been focused on my dream of becoming an actress and film director. As far as I can remember, I have always been encouraged to perform. When I started to talk, I started to act. When I went to the cinema, I longed to be the child star of the film. When I performed puppet shows with my friends, I was the director. Performing was in my heart, and I knew it would be my future. I was determined to become an actor, and started attending acting classes. I also participated in the drama club at school. I started receiving positive feedback, and was told I had talent. Receiving these appraisals from my teachers are some of my fondest memories. From there, I progressed onto the academic study of Digital Storytelling. It is now my third year of study, and my childhood dream remains unchanged. 

My favorite pastime is watching movies. Over the years, I have built a massive archive of films, with a wide range of different film genres. The most inspirational films I have seen are: Citizen Kane (1941), The God Father I (1972), Cinema Paradiso (1988), Gladiator (2000), and A Beautiful Mind (2001). I have learnt so much from watching these films. By observing the actors, I received vital lessons in using body language and speech to transmit their internal presence to the audience. Another of my hobbies is reading novels. Two of my favorite novels are The Da Vinci Code and Gone With The Wind. Reading novels is essential for me as an artist, as it highly amplifies my powers of creativity and imagination. 

The most inspirational character in my life is Nicole Kidman, who has started her career in 1983. Not only do I value her work as an actor, but also her great humanitarian works. She has achieved recognition in both fields. I aspire to make a similar contribution to the world. 

In the near future, after graduating from university besides my acting career, I plan on making independent films in Iran, my beloved homeland. I am focused on making documentaries and feature films that display a different image of Iran; an image that demonstrates the real beauties of this part of the world, without the negative stereotypes often shown in international media.


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  1. I liked your introduction about yourself. Keep up the good work. 😉

    Comment by Aydin — September 28, 2009 @ 7:18 pm | Reply

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