Pargol Hashemnia

October 3, 2009

8 Identities in 2 Hours and 45 Minutes

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It’s 3am. I’m exhausted after a long day of university and essays. I had two papers due and had a mid-term exam. Worst of all, bad luck was following me and made me crash my car. Overall it was a bad day, one of many.

And here I am. Blue pajamas, hair tied back, big black rings under my eyes after two nights of no sleep. For sure, it’s not the best picture, certainly not the way that I want to be seen. I desperately need a few hours of sleep, so I get into bed, turn off the light, open my laptop, and visit As soon as I type in my password, I become a new person and gain a new identity. First things first, I change my profile picture. I use a picture from summer vacation two months ago. I’m at a party, my hair is done, and I’m wearing my beautiful brand name dress. I have a huge smile on my face, and enjoying myself in a party on a hot summer night. This is how I want to be seen.

A chat window pops up. My friend from Los Angeles wants to talk to me. He compliments my new profile picture. I say thanks without mentioning that it belongs to a time a few months back. True, it doesn’t depict me in my present state, but I cannot put on a picture of now. They’d think I’d gone crazy.

I log out. The next stop is .I heard my friends talking about Ahmadinejad’s new animated video on his recent televised debate. Apparently his speech was hilarious. In order to be updated, I have to see this for myself. So I log in, search, and watch. They were right it was hilarious, so hilarious that I have to comment. My comment is funny and very direct. I’m not afraid to be controversial here.

The time now is 4am. How did it get so late? I really need sleep now. I should log off, but I’m feeling guilty about wasting time on these social networking sites when I have so much to do. So I go back to my real-life identity as a student and visit to find some articles for my upcoming paper. Before I know it, it’s 5am and I’m still without sleep. This behavior is not healthy or normal. I begin to wonder if I’m developing insomnia, but I don’t know the exact symptoms, so I go to and search for “Am I an insomniac?” There are 1, 450, 000 pages. Looks like a few people have this problem. So I take a quiz at And no, I don’t have insomnia, but according to the results posted by GothicBeth2001, I’m one step away from becoming an official insomniac.

This would be a good time to end this session and get some sleep, but I’m reminded of the Al Pacino film Insomnia (2002). I’ve been obsessed with Al Pacino for as long as I can remember. I begin wondering if he has any new films coming out, so I visit Now I belong to a group of online film critics and fans. I don’t find anything about Al Pacino, but I notice a link to the Iranian Film Festival in San Francisco. I didn’t know Iranian film festivals happened outside Iran. I can’t believe it’s 5:30am and this is the best news I’ve heard all day. I have to tell everyone. I log on to my Gmail account and email this link: to my entire contact list. I’m now a news reporter, spreading groundbreaking topics to the world.

Suddenly, I pause and start thinking about the ways of modern life. In two hours and 45 minutes, I have been a social butterfly, political commentator, a student, a possible insomniac, a medical researcher, a film fanatic, a news broadcaster, and now a philosopher. Do I really have a separate online identity, or is the Internet just a forum to easily express the many aspects of my real identity?

This is all too much for 6 o’clock in the morning and it’s getting more awkward as it gets later and later, I really must rest. Hence, I close the browser, shut down my computer, and I finally get some sleep.



  1. Wow Pargol, it seems like you had a wild ride. From Facebook to insomnia to Cinema Without Borders. It’s a bit crazy since we all sort of go through that every time we go online. I also thought it was great how you linked your thoughts together. I can see myself doing the same.

    Comment by georgeasaad — October 10, 2009 @ 9:49 am | Reply

  2. Hey Pargol, what you wrote is like an adventure in one night. I don’t know why but it reminded me of the animated cartoon Peter Pan. Great job Babal.

    Comment by nazgolhrh — October 11, 2009 @ 8:20 am | Reply

  3. Pargol!
    I thought your article was fantastic! You managed to create great segways between your ideas. I especially liked how you moved from the busy time on the internet sites to visiting the google site for advice on insomnia!
    I like the style of writing too!

    Comment by norashmawi — October 11, 2009 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

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